Kistler's  Hair & Nail  Studio in  Orange  714-288-0387

Husband and Wife Owners- Tim & Toni Kistler have enjoyed 38 years of styling hair side by side .

The Kistler Love Story, met and worked together at their first Orange Salon in 1985, married in 1987.

Both were destined to carry on a family tradition established years earlier. Tim's Dad, Daryl, entered the hair business in 1960. Tim's Uncle John later joined the business. Today Tim's Niece Meghan is carrying on the Warren, Ohio tradition.

Toni's Aunt Rita was an award winning hairdresser in Pasadena, Calif with 50 years in the beauty profession. Toni's niece Jasmine carries on the tradition in the South  Bend, Indiana area and niece Melissa here in Southern California.

The Kistlers' have always placed their salons in quaint Orange, CA neighborhoods. LaVeta/Main St, Orange/Chapman and now Palmyra/ 326 S Tustin St.

The Kistlers' have often said a visit to their salon is as if you had come to their home. You will always find a pot of fresh coffee, cookies, a large assortment of soft drinks and lots of good  conversation.


E. Wagner-   Tim and Toni have a beautiful.

Tim and Toni have a beautiful salon in Old Towne Orange - just east of the Circle - where great coloring/haircuts/styles are always done. This couple, along with the friendly folks who work in the back salon, do great work. They also offer a wonderful line of olive oils/skin products. I've been going to Kistler's for 25+ years and always get complimented on how my hair looks. They're also just really nice, good people! 


Katluc- This place is a hidden jewel. ...

This place is a hidden jewel. I am from the area and kind of stumbled on it. Tim, the owner spent time with me, discussing and evaluating my hair. I got a cut and perm. My husband said “Wow!!” when I came home. This salon is a keeper!


Robert P 26 yr customer

I have been with Tim for a long time, he must be good. bob


Mike F- Simply The Best!!!

I have been a customer at Kistler's for 15 + years. I drive upwards of 60 miles--one way--to go to Tim & Toni's shop every six weeks or so. In addition, about nine years ago I was living in Colorado, and I'd wait to have my hair cut until I knew I was going to be in town--then I'd make an appt. with Tim. Why all of this devotion, you may ask? Simply because you will not meet a pair of people who are more dedicated to their customers--ever; anywhere. because you will not meet a pair of people who are more dedicated to their customers... ever; anywhere. It really is that simple. Tim and Toni keep notes on how they cut each customers hair--and can track back if ever the need be. They're nice people, too. Trust me--if you want THE BEST care for your hair, go to Kistler's on the Circle, in Orange--you won't regret it!!! 


Hazel     -I'm a lifer!

Kistler is the best hair studio by far! I have been a lifer since the first time Toni styled my hair for a picture in a beautiful up-do. They keep great records of how your hair is cut each time so if you want the same look it is easy! They are friendly, fun, and make each person who walks in feel like family. Not only do they do great work with hair, they also help out the community and set a great example  y small business owners. Thanks for all you do! for any small business owners.


Jeanette F     Best Hairdresser's ever

I have been going to see both Tim and Toni for over 20 years and hands down the offer the best service and products ever. I commute in to see them from Riverside and I even thought I would try some local people to save on the drive but no one compares to these guys. The even offer you a cold beverage while sitting getting services done. I have been complimented by how healthy my hair is by so many people because I use Kistler's own products. I swear by them and I have tried them all from Paul Mitchell to Nexxus. The great thing is that both Tim and Toni are available and offer the same service so if one is busy, rest assured, they do the same quality of service. I love these guys.

Note from the owners    As the salon owners/stylist we want thank-you for visiting our web site; we constantly strive to provide a high level of expertise. The City of Orange has provided a wonderful downtown with a real sense of community offering many shops and eateries that our customers have been enjoying for the last 30 years. Our experienced team offers precision hair cutting, color, perms, pedicures and manicures. and acrylics.  Thank-you for taking the time to read a few of our reviews.